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HeadSpace - Oliver's story


HeadSpace is a service run for children aged 4-11 years old who have newly emerging mental health needs and would benefits from early professional intervention.

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Oliver's story

My 6-year old son was suffering from severe anxiety and was showing signs of inappropriate behaviour as a form of comfort. Oliver became increasingly demanding and aggressive, showing defiant behaviour when things didn’t go his way. As a result, he lost friendships at school and tension was worsening with his siblings.

Oliver is the youngest of four siblings, all of which are girls who sometimes lack patience with him. He has been struggling with the split between his father and I and finds his new living arrangement unsettling. We have moved in with my new partner but there was hostility between Oliver and my new partner’s children.

Ormiston Families’ HeadSpace service supported Oliver to improve his self-esteem and resilience. He received six weekly sessions in school with a support worker who helped him to begin to understand and take responsibility for his own actions and feelings. These sessions involved the use of various resources including books, games and activities centred around emotions, self-esteem and friendships.

“Thank you so much for all the work you did with Oliver – much appreciated.”

I have seen a huge difference in Oliver since the support he received from HeadSpace. Oliver is more confident and less anxious and as a result is not as challenging or angry at home or at school. He is building some really positive friendships and is less dependent on the teachers when he is feeling anxious and unsure.

To find out more, visit: Headspace