Continue the story of your loved one.

Honour the memory of your loved one and continue their story by supporting Ormiston Families to rewrite those of families in their community, in their street, who need us the most.

Watch our animation ‘Rewriting the story’ to learn more about the work we do in your community.

There are many ways in which you can continue the story of your loved one by supporting Ormiston Families:

  • With assistance from your Funeral Director, you may like to ask for donations in lieu of or in addition to flowers; or decide to have a collection at the end your loved one’s service/memorial. If you do choose to remember your loved one in this way, we have discreet envelopes that include Gift Aid forms, allowing us to claim 25p extra on each £1 donated.
  • Organise an in-memory giving page or pay in donations direct to the charity.
  • Alternatively, or in addition to, you may like to fundraise in aid of Ormiston Families in memory of your loved one – you could organise your own activity or get involved in one of our events.

Download our In Memory donation leaflet here.

To find out more ways in which you can donate or fundraise in memory of your loved one contact Georgia Clark, Philanthropy Manger