Thousands of children, young people and families throughout the East of England face daily challenges in achieving a life of connection, safety, confidence and compassion.

Our team of staff are a collective force in ensuring positive experiences and outcomes for the very people who need us most.

From volunteering to full-time skilled roles, we have a wide range of challenging and rewarding opportunities, all of which vary in their potential to be conducted flexibly – whatever your personal circumstance.

We have office locations in Suffolk, Norfolk and in Cambridgeshire, as well as operating from other community venues for specific outreach programmes.

By joining us, you can anticipate a competitive salary, generous annual leave entitlement, professional development and training opportunities, a pension scheme and life assurance.

You’ll also be assured of a commitment to supporting your emotional and physical wellbeing, and to helping you achieve a work life balance which positively aids you, your family and your community.

Committed to you, committed to others

Whatever role you consider taking with us, you should always feel reassured that we make your safety and your wellbeing our priority – in the same way we prioritise the welfare of the children and families we serve.

We live by values of listening, respecting, caring and compassion. These are as important to us in our interaction with staff, as they are with the individuals who access our services.

We are fiercely proud of our stance on equality, diversity and inclusion, and consistently explore policies and practices which ensure every member of our team feels able to live authentically and with pride.

If you would like to understand more about our safeguarding approaches, please click here.

Learn more about our record on equality and diversity, including our policies and our recent accolades.

“Ormiston Families is a lovely place to work and the people really do make the organisation! They are a great bunch of people to work with. Within the income generation in particular I feel we all have a real passion for the work that we do and we all get on so well and support one another to achieve the best that we can for Ormiston Families.”

Trust and Foundations Manager


Ormiston Families is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and families by protecting them from significant abuse, harm and radicalisation.

Children, young people and families accessing Ormiston Families services should be aware that if there is a child protection issue where they (or others) are likely to be at risk of significant harm, employees are under a legal duty to follow safeguarding procedures and cannot offer confidentiality.

You can download Ormiston Families’ safeguarding children, young people and families policy by clicking the button below.

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Staff survey feedback

93% of staff believe in the aims of this charity
95% enjoy the work they do
88% of people feel like they are making a difference

10 Reasons Our Staff Love Being Part of Ormiston Families

We don’t just ‘say’ we’re flexible and embrace the hybrid model. We truly embrace it. We believe work should be manageable and fulfilling for all.
Our commitment to training and upskilling all colleagues is acknowledged at all levels. We’ll always help our peers to be the best they can be.
We embrace ideas, creativity and feedback. Ours is an organisation where the thoughts of staff really matter.
Staff love working at the heart of community services which benefit their own towns, villages and counties.
Holiday, respite and restoration is utterly respected. Ours is an organisation which always thinks of your wellbeing and encourages you to consider it too.
Our leadership team are experienced, dynamic, open to change and to challenge.
Salaries are appropriately assessed and frequently re-evaluated.
We go out of our way to introduce additional gestures, support and opportunities which reflect the world around us and which help staff feel heard and understood.
We’ve achieved a number of awards and acknowledgments in respect of our approach to diversity, inclusivity and respect for all.
We share our impact frequently and make sure every member of staff feels validated and applauded for the part they play in the daily delivery of Ormiston Families.

Our vacancies

Fundraising and Marketing (vacancies)

Our fundraising and marketing teams are committed to forging connections and delivering events that raise money for our vital services while sharing our story.

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Finance and Administration (vacancies)

Our finance and administration teams are at the core of our organisation, keeping things running smoothly to help us make a difference to those we work with.

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Mental Health Services (vacancies)

We provide a range of services to promote positive mental health in children, young people and families across the East of England.

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Family and Community Services (vacancies)

Our support services working with families and communities are creating happier, safer and more resilient families across the East of England.

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Criminal Justice Services (vacancies)

We provide a range of services designed to support children, young people and families affected by the imprisonment of a close family member.

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Want to tell us about you and your desire to work for us?

If you can’t see a role which currently exists, but feel you’d be a great member of our team, please do send an email to