#WeWill is a youth social action project created by Ormiston Trust, designed to bring social action to over 10,000 pupils across England. The project is delivered by Ormiston Trust and its close relationships with Ormiston Academies Trust, Ormiston Families, Birmingham Ormiston Academy and Gateway Learning Community Trust in Essex.

The Ormiston Families #WeWill project is currently taking place in Great Yarmouth. It has been designed to empower children and young people to support the wellbeing of their peers and make meaningful change in their coastal communities.

15 schools have been recruited across primary, secondary, college and specialist education, within which we have already recruited over 200 Wellbeing Ambassadors. These young people will be trained to offer wellbeing support and lead on social action projects.

Wellbeing Ambassadors will also develop peer support models within their settings, collaborate across schools to develop social action projects and network with local community groups to enact positive change in their area.

The #iWill Fund that makes #WeWill possible is thanks to the £54 million joint investment from The National Lottery Community Fund and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DMCS) to support young people to access high quality social action opportunities. Ormiston Trust is acting as a match funder and awarding grants on behalf of the #iWill Fund.

Our #WeWill project thriving on the Norfolk coast

Ormiston Families is delivering its #WeWill project to Ormiston Venture Academy in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth.

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Youth social action can help young people to find a sense of belonging within their communities.

Becoming active within communities often helps young people to feel more integrated into them, increasing both their confidence and character. Certain forms of youth social action can even help young people to develop vital skills and networks that can support future employment.

In particular, the Ormiston Families #WeWill project will improve young peoples’ understanding of mental health and wellbeing, as well as the ways in which they can support peers struggling with their own.

Youth social action provides what is known as a ‘triple benefit’ to its participants, their communities and the organisations delivering youth social action projects.

In addition to the benefits to young people mentioned above, social action benefits the communities it seeks to serve, often in terms of growth or cohesion, as well as offering organisations delivering social action projects the invaluable proof of the impact these projects can have.

The Ormiston Families #WeWill project will empower the children and young people we work with in Great Yarmouth by:

Recruiting and training at least 14 schools with 180 Wellbeing Ambassadors
Encouraging children and young people to create and lead their own local social action projects in their schools and communities
Supporting the children and young people we work with to develop skills that may help them achieve the goals they have set out for their social action projects
Hosting a number of information days, activities and other events at which our Wellbeing Ambassadors can play vital roles
Supporting young people to develop wellbeing activities for their peers to improve emotional wellbeing across the school
Helping young people and their schools to forge strong relationships with charities, businesses and organisations in Great Yarmouth

A #WeWill Great Yarmouth Case Study

“My daughter Megan really struggles to try something new, something out of her comfort zone, something that’s requires her to be in the spot light.

Megan has social anxiety and can often struggle with new situations if not guided by an adult. When Megan heard about the wellbeing ambassador programme, she was really interested but heavily unsure to sign up. After a lot of encouragement, she took that step into putting her name down. A part of her hoped she wouldn’t be accepted but it was still a huge achievement to her to sign up. When she got it she was so nervous to the point she didn’t want to go to school. More encouragement given she met Alex and the rest of the group. She instantly liked Alex and felt at ease. She liked his relaxed, caring and fun personality. She felt no pressure in being in the group which was important to her and us. She did get nervous on some tasks and struggled a little but managed to overcome that.

Being an ambassador has given Megan hope and confidence to push herself to help others and do more for herself. What was important for me was that Alex was able to recognise Megan’s struggles without anyone telling him and him giving Megan that gentle nudge she needed without making her feel different. Megan felt included and important.

Thank you, Alex, for what you did with the children and what you did for Megan.
You may not realise the huge impact you had on her. All it took was 1 smile, 1 helping hand and a few jokes to make this little girl feel a part of something worthwhile. “

Sandy Lysaght

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