A Prisoners’ Family service success story

Positive family relationships are proven to reduce the risk of reoffending. Working with offenders and their families whilst they are in prison to help them keep connected, or reconnect, is a vital part of the work we do as part of our Prisoners’ Families service …


Mark, a 52-year-old resident in one of the prisons we support, struggled with anxieties surrounding family relationships. He had been adopted as a child and though he was still in contact with his adoptive mother, relationships with his sisters were very strained.


Our expert practitioner worked one-to-one with Mark, encouraging him to open up and discuss his concerns. The focus at all times was to support him to feel more in control of his own wellbeing.

Using proven therapeutic techniques, including family mapping, our practitioner encouraged Mark to reflect upon his life journey to date and to consider ways he could improve his relationships with family members.

We also introduced Mark to sources of support around the emotional impact of his adoption story that he could turn to once he was living in the community again.


“I feel so much clearer now on how I feel about adoption and don’t feel like it’s something I should feel dirty about, which I have always felt before.” Mark

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