A Care & Share success story

When your child is given a ‘diagnosis’ the future can seem bleak, especially if you are living in a rural location with very little support. Our Care & Share Sensory Play Group gave Nathan’s mum a beacon of light …


Helen knew that Nathan’s speech was not developing at the same rate as his peers and that he had always struggled to settle in new surroundings, yet she was just not prepared for the emotional overwhelm she would feel when, aged four, he was diagnosed with autism.


Luckily, Helen’s health visitor referred her to Ormiston Families’ Care & Share Group, a stay and play group for parents and children with additional needs.


Coming to the group and meeting other parents in similar circumstances helped Helen to feel more connected. Being able to access information about what was happening in the area and how she and her son could access further support helped her to feel more in control. Watching Nathan begin to enjoy his play sessions both at the group and at home (as she borrowed toys from our Sensory Toy Library too) helped her to feel like she was making progress.

Feeling connected, in control and like she was making progress made a world of difference to Helen’s emotional life. Soon her overwhelm was under control and she was able to find a way forward.

“Thank you so much. It’s so lovely to see Nathan enjoying himself and having fun!”
Nathan’s mum