We have pulled together some useful resources which will hopefully help you keep you and your kids entertained during lockdown. We understand the pressure you may be feeling at this time to keep everyone’s spirits up and to avoid screen time, so we hope this will help you on those days when you might not feel so inspired!

  • Download our NEW Activities Pack for some great ideas to try at home with the children.
  • Chatterpack have an almost endless supply of ideas to entertain children and adults ranging from virtual tours of museums, and underwater cameras, to concerts, and online boardgames – access the link here
  • Don’t forget the CBeebies website has lots of online activities for children including the CBeebies app and have some great ideas for playtime including treasure hunts, baking and making your own TV show! Read more here
  • Speaking of baking – the BBC website has a great range of recipes to try with the kids here 
  • If you are looking for a different way to keep the children learning and maybe trying out some new subjects that could shape a future career, see these Educational Links for some ideas!
  • Members of staff at our Children and Families Centres have developed the below activity packs that parents of children can use at this time:

Activity Pack – 0-3 years – Colour

Activity Pack – 0-3 years – Identification

Activity Pack – 3-5 years – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Activity Pack – 3-5 years – Minibeasts

Activity Pack – 5-7 years – Observation

Activity Pack – 5-7 years – Circus