Published on 19 July 2023

News round-up – June

Once again it has been a busy month here at Ormiston Families. We’ve had some fantastic events take place, and the efforts shown by our volunteers have brought some important projects to fruition.

Without their help, we could never achieve half as much as we do, and the lives of the families and children we work with would look very different. 

Justine Picardie brings Dior story to life

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the story of legendary fashion icon Christian Dior, then the story of Miss Dior by Justine Picardie is an absolute must-read.  

Our philanthropy team hosted a wonderful author meet and greet lecture with Justine Picardie, a fashion editor whose remarkable book highlights the history of Dior’s younger sister, Catherine. Catherine became the inspiration for the famous Miss Dior perfume. She was widely regarded as a heroine of the Second World War French Resistance before being arrested by the Gestapo and imprisoned in Germany

Miss Picardie spoke to the audience about the history of the book and captivated guests with tales of how Catherine inspired and motivated her famous brother.

We’re halfway there to our Shining Stars campaign target 

Gavin Lamb, Kate Higgs and Vicky Matthews from Ormiston Families at the CC Live event in Cambridge

We are delighted that we are halfway to our £10,000 Shining Stars fundraising target. Our Stars service helps children who have been affected by bereavement, and thanks to a recent auction, we were able to add a huge £3,500 to the fundraising pot. You can donate to the campaign here.

The auction, run by Conscious Communications, took place in Cambridge on June 22, and top prizes included an incredible trip to Croatia.

We’re absolutely thrilled that the cash took us to the £5,000 tally and we’re confident that before long, we’ll be reaching our final goal.

We’d like to express our huge gratitude towards the organisers for arranging the auction, as well as those who donated items and the wonderful people who bid. 

Walkers raise £500 for Shining Stars

Vicky Matthews, left, and Kate Higgs from Ormiston Families on the Orwell Challenge

Despite it being one of the hottest days of the year, the annual Orwell Challenge saw fundraisers add an incredible £500 to our Shining Stars fund.

Over one thousand people took part in the challenge, which was a scenic walk along the River Orwell from Ipswich to Felixstowe and back.  

The hot weather made a tough challenge exceedingly tricky, and we are in awe of those who managed the full 26 miles. 

Could you help us? 

We’re always looking for volunteers and supporters to help continue our work in the East of England. 

If you would like to get involved, either by fundraising or volunteering, please get in touch. We’re always welcoming new supporters to help with existing events, or to share suggestions for new initiatives that will match our aim of helping families to feel safe, healthy and resilient. 

Even small steps such as following us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) can be enough to help us spread awareness of the work that we do. 

If you’ve got an idea for a fundraiser, why not let us know? We’d love to hear from you.