At Ormiston 98% of the money we receive goes directly towards our services, supporting children and families facing challenging and often traumatic circumstances from East Anglia. The skilled and motivated staff working across our range of services go into homes, schools, children’s centres and prisons, offering individual one-to-one or group support as needed.

  • £5 a month helps us identify those children living on the edge of care, who need urgent support.
  • £20 will help with the running of an Ormiston children’s centre at a prison, where for one day a week, children maintain contact with their parent or relative serving a long sentence.
  • £50 will enable us to help children from a Travelling Community learn how to read – something every child should be able to do.
  • £200 will help fund our Family Intervention Projects which can save £150,000 per family a year in costs to children's services, the justice system and local authorities.

Through our Just Giving portal, you can make a one-off donation or set up a regular direct debit.

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