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Fighting the Pain of Prison Separation


Case Study ImageIt seemed that one impossible situation had quickly followed another for Ben’s Mum Jackie, when she came to us for help. Her eldest son, Ben, only ten years had started to “act out”, being disruptive and difficult, becoming aggressive and violent towards Max, his four-year old younger brother.

How we helped

Ben was “coping” the only way he knew how after his dad, Steve, was convicted for fraud and sent to prison. Jackie was finding it increasingly hard to manage simple, everyday tasks with Ben’s behaviour; as the new family bread-winner, she was struggling to afford family visits to Steve’s prison over 100 miles away. After the visits, Ben seemed to come away even more troubled and closed off.

Ormiston swiftly stepped in and provided instant, accessible help, visiting the family at home and giving Ben valuable personal support. We gave him a way to express the crushing doubts and fears he felt about his family’s future, working closely with his teachers to help them help him. If Ben needed space to work through his bottled-up, angry feelings at school, he now had it.

It was the week before Christmas when the family visited Steve in prison, coming along to a visit we had arranged. Sharing the first family meal together in months became their “Christmas Day” – a day when Ben’s spirits began to rise as he and Max played games with their Dad, giving him a supportive hug from time to time and staying close by his side.