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A Family Torn Apart


DSC 9411Ryan hated his Dad and wished he was dead. His sister Laura would lock herself in her room and refuse to eat or drink, making herself sick. Their school attendance was minimal and both were victims of vandalism, bullying and harassment, not just at school . . . but also from their neighbours at home too.

How we helped

The Mauve family that our key workers met were all coming to terms with Pete, ex-husband to Jennifer and father to Ryan and Laura, serving a five year term for manslaughter involving a member of their local community. Each individual was fighting hard against their feelings and fighting physically with each other.

Our role in offering dedicated, one-to-one help meant that Ryan’s behaviour started to improve and he no longer needed to be referred to specialist child mental health services. A “Tuesday Activities Club” allowed Ryan and Laura to develop real lasting friendships outside of their abusive community. Laura’s recent attendance on a week-long school residential trip spoke volumes about how much she has moved past the stigma of her father’s imprisonment.

We know that there is no quick-fix for families when dealing with the prison term they also feel they are serving when a family member is “sent away”. That’s why we remain committed to supporting young people dealing with imprisonment problems even when they don’t believe they need any further help.