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Visiting Relatives

Visiting a parent, relative or family friend in prison can be an extremely traumatic and confusing process, especially for a child or young person.

As well as challenges around travel, food and costs, prison visiting can involve a whole range of mixed emotions including sadness, fear, anxiety, anger, shame and embarrassment. These feelings are all very common and understandable, but can be difficult for anyone to cope with without proper support, advice and guidance.

Ormiston Families offer a range of services for prison visitors in the East of England, including a reassuring welcome at our visitors’ centres, Story Book Dads sessions and special children’s visits.

For more support for dealing with imprisonment please visit our information website, In it together!.

Inside a Prison

We have also produced a short film called Inside a Prison, which we hope helps explain prison life and reassure children and young people about visiting a prison.

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