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Our Engage Programme improves educational outcomes and life chances for children and young people.  We bridge the gap between home and school aiding improved attendance, attainment, behaviour and wellbeing.

Working in primary and secondary schools in Suffolk, Senior Practitioners work with pastoral teams and link with external agencies to increase and improve support networks for pupils and families.

We work with the pupil and their family/carers to address issues and support them to work through the barriers so they can be in school, on time, ready to learn and ready to achieve.

Taking on an advocacy and championing role the team use solution focussed techniques to help create a tailored support plan, comprising of 1:1 sessions, small group workshops, home visits and parenting programmes.

The Engage Programme incorporates the delivery of Ormiston Families' Parental Presence Programme spanned over 10 weeks to groups of up to 12 parents and carers with each session lasting 2 hours. This course introduces the concept of Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) and how it can help parents increase their presence in the family. 

Why Ormiston Families?

'Parental involvement in the form of 'at home good parenting' has a significant positive effect on children's achievement'. Desforges. 2003, Review of Best Practice in Parental Engagement,  DfE 2011.

The role of charities working in schools is to address inequalities and improve the social mobility of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping to close the attainment gap between vulnerable students and their peers.  Given the entrenched nature of such inequalities, there is a great need for the kind of innovation and creativity which programmes such as Engage embody.

As a charity we have over 30 years' experience in accessing and supporting those families that are seen as "hard to reach". This includes  families affected by imprisonment and victims of domestic abuse. We are seen as an impartial face and this often gives us the flexibility to engage effectively with parents from a position that is trusted.

A case study:





“ The Engage programme has been an absolute asset to help getting a pupil into school who has been persistently refusing since year 7. The support Helen has offered the family has been invaluable and there would not have been any shift at home without it. Many thanks”

Head of Year, Ipswich

For further information on how the Engage Programme could be implemented in your school, please contact us below

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