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logos 222Breaking Barriers: guidance on supporting children of offenders in school

Ormiston Families has been commissioned by Suffolk Community Foundation, for the office of the Suffolk Police & Crime Commissioner, to offer free information sessions to help schools support the children of offenders.

Sessions include the impact of family imprisonment on children, what prisons provide to support children and families, practical ways that the school can support the child and the support that Ormiston Families can provide.

A conservative estimate calculates that there are 200,000 children in the UK with a parent or close family member in prison. Some of those 200,000 children will be in Suffolk, and could very possibly be in your school. The family may have chosen to reveal that to you, or it may be they are cautious about ‘their secret’ and keeping it under wraps.

These families and their children are experiencing a difficult and distressing set of circumstances which need specific support. Ormiston Families has a long history of working with offenders and their families, supporting them in prison and also in the community.

We can be as flexible as you need us to be, so that you can choose the best option for your own school routine. Some examples would be:

For children/young people & parents, a short slot in a school assembly, a PSHE class, a student council meeting, a special designated occasion or a New Parents’ evening.

For school staff, a short slot in a staff meeting – full staff or teams (e.g. related to safeguarding, family liaison, etc), a training day or a governors’ meeting.

After each session, we will leave you with a full Information pack with a summary of key points, leaflets for children & young people and adults, and details of useful organisations.

Please fill in the form below to indicate which of the menu options you feel would be of benefit to your students, parents and staff. Once submitted, Debbie Campbell, the Service Manager, will get back to you to discuss the best arrangements to fit with your regime.

If you would like a preliminary chat, please contact Debbie on 07733 343260 or debbie.campbell@ormistonfamilies.org.uk.

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Funding from Suffolk Community Foundation through Suffolk Police & Crime Commissioner's Fund