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Sexual Exploitation


1 in 3 children sexually abused by an adult don't tell anyone. 

Our sexual exploitation project has a worker who supports parents whose children are suspected or potential victims of Child Sexual Exploitation. The worker supports parents in Norfolk by offering them the emotional support needed during this highly emotional time. This role is being funded jointly by Ormiston Families and Norfolk Police.

What we offer

Child Sexual Exploitation is a very emotive topic and can bring with it strain, stress and difficulties for families. The worker helps parents by offering them an independent voice to engage with by offering them advice around safeguarding their child by promoting their knowledge.

The emotional support which the worker offers supports parents to be able to off-load some of their worries about their child, as well as, worries in their wider world so as to support parents to recognise their strengths to develop strategies to help parents through this difficult time.

Additionally, CSE can have a negative effect on the relationship the child shares with their parents due to the wedge the perpetrator has created. The worker will aim to help re-build the relationships between parents and child by recognising the needs of the whole family.

Furthermore, the worker can support parents to have their voices heard. Often where there is a concern for Child Sexual Exploitation there are multiple professionals involved; this can be daunting for parents and they can feel they are not being listened to. The worker can help to empower parents to have their voices heard by acting as an advocate.

It is also recognised that Child Sexual Exploitation is not a short- term problem and so the service provided does not have a time cap. This means that the worker can provide parents with the support for as long as needed i.e. through and after the court process. Therefore, the parents have someone of whom they can call at any stage; preventing parents from feeling isolated.

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