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Holt Youth Project


There is estimated to be 700,000 young carers in the UK, roughly 1 in 12 secondary aged pupils.

Holt Youth Project exists to provide vital services to young carers across North Norfolk.

These special children and young people are forced to grow up early and can miss out on  opportunities others of a similar age experience as they find themselves caring for family members who are disabled or chronically ill. 

Services we provide:

  • 1:1 mentoring, providing confidence and self-esteem.
  • Programmes and healthy lifestyle activities promoting feelings of wellbeing and self-worth to help to lift depression.
  • Tackling rural and social isolation, promoting social interaction and teaching communication skills, to increase independence.
  • Delivering educational qualifications.
  • Promoting intergenerational volunteering, good citizenship skills and values.

Achieving Confidence Training 

The Achieving Confidence Training (ACT) Programme is a service for young people who are experiencing emotional/mental health difficulties, lacking in confidence and self-esteem and who have not been able to reach their full potential in mainstream education. These young people have found themselves isolated in their home environment with very little support.

The programme is bespoke to each individual’s needs. Some young people might need just three months support whilst others could be with us for two years as we are committed to supporting them to reach their full potential.

We also offer educational and vocational qualifications and promote social skills, giving the young people a better chance of success in the workplace or further education.

The ACT Programme is a non-medical intervention. We attribute our success to living in the community in which we serve and being able to support them four days a week. We also work alongside families and can be available 24/7 in a crisis situation. The Social Hub provides vibrant youth led sessions promoting healthy lifestyles through varied dynamic programmes for young people of Holt and surrounding villages.


Holt Youth Project enquiries

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