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The Connect Programme


The Connect Programme works with local communities across the East of England, supporting children, young people and families with a variety of innovative services.

These are pioneering ground breaking emotional, physical and social wellbeing initiatives for children and young people with emerging mental health and emotional issues.

There are also two children and adolescents mental health services: Point 1  which covers tier 1 and 2 mental health for the whole of Norfolk. The Young Parents Housing Project also supports young mums by providing supported accommodation for teenage parents in Wisbech.

Mpower is a service under the Connect Programme which spans across Ipswich, Great Yarmouth and Norwich to offer support and guidance for women who have had babies removed at birth. The Connect Programme also works with victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse in Fenland, Cambridgeshire and Kings Lynn in Norfolk, as well as offering advocacy help for the gypsy and traveller community in Cambridgeshire.

Through the Connect Programme, Ormiston Families works hard to support people with a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression, eating disorders and difficulty forming relationships with others. Through the Connect Programme we are able to offer – often life changing – help to young people and their families. 

The Holt Youth Project is an award-winning initiative which supports young people aged 5-25 across north Norfolk. The project enables young people to reach their full potential and meet their own aspirations.

14 year old Robert was on suicide watch, suffering depression, isolation, low self-esteem and emotional instability. He was provided with one-to-one mentoring which focussed on improving his confidence and self-esteem. Alongside this, healthy lifestyle activities were implemented and he was also able to undertake a bespoke educational qualification. Now, Robert has completed his qualification; he is more confident, is able to hold conversations, can travel on public transport and is no longer on suicide watch.

Rachel was referred to Point 1 for concerns around her low mood, obsessive behaviour, poor self-image and difficulties around her becoming very angry. Therapy sessions were actioned to help her deal with difficult feelings and family relationships and now, Rachel’s emotional wellbeing, confidence and communication have improved dramatically.

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