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Ormiston Families’ Parental Presence programme is intended for parents currently experiencing challenging, disruptive or violent behaviour by their children.  Parental Presence introduces the concept of Non Violent Resistance (NVR) and how it can help parents increase their presence within their family. 

Parental Presence is delivered by 2 facilitators over 10 weeks to groups of up to 12 parents or carers with each session lasting 2 hours.

After successful completion of the course, parents and carers can return as graduate parents or attending further NVR ‘top-up’ sessions.

Graduate parents and carers experience: 

  • reduction in the distress they feel
  • improvement in their ability to manage their child’s behaviour
  • improvement in their network of support

Over the last year:

In 2018, 21 parents successfully participated in the course in the IP3/IP4 area of Ipswich.

  • Average 3 scale reduction in the distress they felt about their situation
  • Average 2 scale improvement in their ability to manage their situation
  • Average 2 scale improvement on the level of support they felt they had 

Parents feedback:

“Give NVR a try it changed my entire family life. Best thing I could have done for all of us!!”
“You might not feel this course is for you after the first week, but please stick it out because you will find it very helpful and by the end feel much happier and gained more knowledge.”
“The NVR course has helped me loads and given me a better understanding of how to control" 

Want to learn more about Non Violent Resistance?

NVR was developed by Prof. Haim Omer and his colleagues at the School of Non Violent Resistance, Tel Aviv, Israel. NVR stands for Non Violent Resistance and was originally developed as an approach to parenting and caring for those young people who are violent, risk taking, aggressive or self-destructive. The technique is now being used in a variety of settings including work in communities and schools and also with adults.

Ormiston Families is a member of UK-NVR, an association of individuals and organisations trained to deliver NVR.

For further information on how the Engage Programme could be implemented in your school, please contact us below.

T: 01473 724517
E: Click here to email