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Ormiston Families appoints a new Chief Executive

Ormiston Families appoints a new Chief Executive

Published on: 21/05/2018


Ormiston Families appoints a new Chief Executive

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The East of England’s leading family charity, Ormiston Families, is pleased to announce Allan Myatt as the new Chief Executive.

 Allan, who lives in Bungay, Suffolk, has held a range of senior level operational management positions in the charity sector, so becoming CEO for Ormiston Families was the next step for him. As Operations Director at Ormiston Families, Allan had been responsible for the service delivery, quality assurance and business development for eight years before being appointed as CEO.

Starting his charity career over 30 years ago at the Drake Fellowship, Allan quickly worked his way up the career ladder in helping urban 16-25 years olds find their feet and soon became Regional Director. Thereafter, Allan was the Operations Director for 17 years with Fairbridge, a national charity helping disengaged young people not in education, employment and training.

Allan had originally trained as a BP shipping Radio and Radar Officer, but his passion for the outdoors led him to help groups of under privileged children through outdoor education programmes. The difference he made to these children drove him to pursue a career in the charity youth sector.

“I have always been interested in helping people and young people in particular. What is great about Ormiston Families is that we are able to work with children from birth, often with their parents too, so intervening at a much earlier age to support them and the challenges they face is much more effective.


Furthermore, as a regional charity for the East of England, we can retain the sense of being local and our culture is focused and stronger as a result. There are some exciting developments to come and I look forward to leading the way,” said Allan.  

Ormiston Families provides wide-ranging support for children and young people, from mental health services, help to bridge the gap between home and school, to support for imprisonment and much more.

Identifying and responding to the needs of children, whatever challenges they face, the charity’s vision is of a world in which every child is safe, healthy and happy.

To discover more about Ormiston Families, please visit www.ormiston.org
or for job opportunities at Ormiston Families, visit www.ormiston.org/work-for-us