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Cope and Recover

Cope and Recover

Published on: 25/05/2016
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Just last month our domestic violence ‘Cope and Recover’ programme, which is based in March, Cambridgeshire, featured on BBC Look East after receiving £9,900 worth of funding from the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Sir Graham Bright.

The programme aims to support mothers and children between 9-11 years old who have experienced domestic violence and offers a 12 week programme in Cambridge, Huntingdon and Peterborough. Giving particular focus to children, the programme will help them recover from their experiences and provide a catalyst to lead more positive lives.

Qualified facilitators will help those enrolled to understand their feelings; address thoughts around blame and responsibility; understand the roots of domestic violence and make plans to stay safe, whilst increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Marc James, Service Manager, at Ormiston Families comments: “This funding will make a real difference to children and young people affected by domestic violence across Cambridgeshire. It will enable us to help young people to have positive futures by reducing anxiety or depression, increasing feelings of self-worth, and improving mental health and self-esteem.”