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Read Liz's Story - Transforming Rehab


Liz Ellis cropped pic

Why do you volunteer for Ormiston Families?

I volunteer with Ormiston Families because I believe in their mission. They identify and respond to the needs of families facing complex challenges with the vison of a world in which every child will be loved, nurtured and valued. I recognise the need for family involvement and Ormiston Families treat the whole family as a unit.

When I devote my time and energy to causes I feel strongly about, it reflects in my commitment and builds my self-awareness, which gives me a better sense of who I am and helps build my character. 

What do you enjoy about the role?

 My role at Ormiston Families is a Support Facilitator for the ‘Who am I?’ programme, which is a five week rolling course as part of our Transforming Rehabilitation service supporting offenders to reflect upon their family and recognise how behaviour can affect the lives of family and friends. The people in the group need support and advice, so it gives meaning and purpose to the pain I went through with my alcohol addiction and own imprisonment.

 What I enjoy about the role is that by the end of each session, the service users have laughed, and all have a smile of their faces. I love to encourage them to see who they really are to better themselves. One chap shook my hand, so we obviously are getting the message across that we are here to help.

What skills/knowledge have you developed whilst volunteering with Ormiston Families?

I have leant how to approach challenging people in a caring manner and to understand that each person’s character is different as well as their needs. I have also learnt that the more we give the happier we feel. It has increased my self-confidence since I have been well enough to do it. I am helping others which gives me a natural sense of achievement and pride. 

What has been your highlight since you began volunteering with Ormiston Families?

It is the thank yous that we get from the group that attend the ‘Who am I? ‘programme. One of my Dad’s sayings is, if you just help one person in your life, it will make difference and will help you a lot more back. I hope to help even more people by volunteering at Ormiston Families. It’s a great opportunity and place to work, thank you!

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

In a year from now I see myself working for Ormiston Families in a part-time role, should the right position come up. I will continue to volunteer in the meantime as I love the role I am in so much.

If you would like to volunteer with Ormiston Families, please click here for more information.