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Point 1 Ali's Story


I joined Ormiston Families Point-1 service in 2015, whilst I was in my second year of university studying Psychology. I wanted to gain more experience to help me achieve not only my BSc Hons degree, but to hopefully land me a job in the mental health system. Having struggled with mental health issues most of my teenage years, I wanted to get involved and help others who may be struggling with similar illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. After looking online for relevant volunteering work, I came across Point-1; a team that looks at supporting children, young people and families in the Norfolk area. I thought this would be a great place to start, and filled in my application.

Upon arriving at the Point-1 office I was welcomed with a smile as I entered the interview. Straight away I noticed the warm, welcoming and friendly attitude that was presented to me by the Service Manager and the Volunteering Manager. Once passing my interview I was so keen to get started, I told all my family and friends that I had finally found a volunteering job that I can stick at!

Over the past year and a half of volunteering for the Point-1 team, I can honestly say that I have found the team I want to continue working for. Not only do they provide an enthusiastic and friendly atmosphere whilst being motivational and work efficient, but I feel as though I’m going to see friends once a week instead of going to work. In June 2015 I encountered a very traumatic experience; I couldn’t leave the house and I had no motivation to attend university. The point-1 team supported me indefinitely. If I didn’t feel like coming in, there was no added pressure or judgement. If I seemed low when I was in, they would make it their mission to make me smile. I know that as a volunteer they are grateful for the things I do, but I am grateful towards them for helping me develop and mature mentally.

Not only do I love coming to Windward Barn every thursday, but I know that when I leave for a full-time career (if I do ever leave!) I will be taking with me some amazing memories and experiences. Point 1 has taught me that no matter how small, every good deed counts. I honestly urge other individuals to volunteer for this amazing charity. You won’t regret it.