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Leaving a gift in your will to Ormiston Families could make a lasting difference to the lives of vulnerable children in the East of England.  

Each year, supporters like you help us to reach thousands of disadvantaged families. By pledging a gift in your will, you can be there for future generations, helping them to improve their life chances.

Every gift we receive, big or small, is important and gratefully received. A gift in your will is perhaps the most significant way you can help vulnerable children and their families. It’s often the most valuable gift you’ll give to a charity, and, because it’s not subject to inheritance tax, it can be cost effective too.

So, once you have taken care of those closest to you, please consider helping a Ormiston Family. You will be leaving an incredible legacy – ensuring that more vulnerable young children get the support they need to make something of themselves. 

Q & A

Q: If I leave a gift in my will to Ormiston Families, how will you use it?

A: Your gift will help vulnerable young children to fulfill their potential. From a child who has a parent in prison, to support at school, or a young person with mental health problems, you’ll be making sure more young people get the chance to thrive – however difficult their circumstances.

Q: I’ve arranged to leave my money to another charity. Can I still remember Ormiston families?

A: You can remember as many charities as you like. However, it’s worth remembering that one or two larger gifts to the charities you care about most will probably be more cost-effective than lots of smaller ones.

Q: Which type of gift in my will would be most useful to Ormston Families?

A: Anything you decide to leave us, whatever the size, is gratefully received and will make a wonderful difference to young people. However, a ‘residuary’ or ‘percentage’ gift is often the most effective way to help. It means you can make sure your family and friends are provided for in the way you intended, while still providing us with funds to plan our work. That gives us confidence that we can give long-term support to the young people who need us.

Q: Can I use a gift to Ormiston Families to reduce the Inheritance Tax I pay?

A: If your estate is worth more than £325,000, inheritance tax may need to be paid on everything above this threshold before this inheritance reaches your loved ones. The rate is currently 40%, which means that if your estate is worth £425,000, £100,000 is taxable, so £40,000 will go to the taxman.* However, by leaving 10% (or more) of your estate to a charity like Ormiston families, the inheritance tax rate is reduced to 36% of everything over £325,000. This means that less of your estate will go to the taxman, and more to your loved ones and the causes you care about.

  * This rate and threshold is correct as of Apr 2016. Please check current guidance, as the Inheritance Tax threshold is due to increase each year between 2017 and 2020.

For further information please:

Call the Fundraising Team on 01473 724517

or email fundraising@ormistonfamilies.org.uk.

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At Ormiston Families almost all of the money we receive goes directly towards our services, supporting children and families facing challenging and often traumatic circumstances in the East of England.

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Text OCFT01 & the amount you want to give 70070

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Donating on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis is one of the very best ways in which you can support our work.

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