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Our vision, mission and values

Ormiston Families is the East of England’s leading family charity, supporting children, young people and families to manage the challenges they face and improve their life chances.

We provide wide-ranging support for children and young people, from mental health services, help to bridge the gap between home and school, to support for imprisonment and much more.

Our vision

Our vision is safe, healthy, resilient families.

Our mission

Enabling families in the East of England to build resilience and make choices to improve the life chances of their children.

Our values

The people of Ormiston Families are a group of special individuals united by very strong values. You’ll see us demonstrating these values every day, right across the East of England and in each of our services.

We are collaborative

  • working together with families
  • building partnerships, communities and networks to support families
  • valuing each other to achieve results and improve everything we do

We are compassionate

  • listening so we can understand
  • treating people with respect
  • enabling, recognising and reinforcing achievements

We are effective

  • evidencing the impact of our work with families
  • prevention and early intervention at the heart of our work
  • building resilience to cope and recover from adversity